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Want To Discover How Job Hunting Works In 2016? 

You Know Traditional Job Hunting Sucks. Here's What To Do About It

Figure Out What You Should Be Doing

Make sure you are chasing the right jobs in the first place. most people are in the wrong job. 

Discover How To Get Lots Of Job Interviews

You need to get smart about getting interviews. The traditional approach is useless and competitive.


Learn The Master Skill And Get Job Offers

Learn the psychology of interviews and how to take control of the interview and convert every interview into a job offer.

Imagine Being Able To Get Job Offers On Demand

About The Author

My name is Martin Gibbons and I am the founder of PeopleMaps and CareerPsychometrics. For fifteen years I have worked with both job seekers and recruiters.

The PeopleMaps personality test has been completed by 1.5 million people. It has been my honour to help thousands of job seekers with their careers; People like Peter and I look forward to helping you with your career.

Through my daily work with recruiters, I am in a position to help you with your job hunting. Let me share my insider knowledge with you and save you years of trial and error.

"Your advice and information has definately helped me. It is critical to prepare for interviews as meticulously as possible and thats what step 3 is helping me with substantially.

Your words inspire me and I believe the system to be down-to-earth, brutally honest, no-nonsense, effective method of finding and landing the career, oneself should pursue.

I am very eager to continue 


Peter "

Why You Need The 3 Step System

Traditional job hunting no longer works. 

Stop wasting years of your life working in the wrong job.

Learn the skills from an insider. Stop job hunting like an amateur.

Here's What Some Members Have Said

Hi Martin,

I think this course is not only informative but gave me so much confidence in my personality and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.


Hello Martin,

I have been meaning to email you for some time now to thank you for all the info and insight you have given out to people all over the country.

I was made redundant and was unemployed for 4 months afterwards. Your profile helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and after suffering from stress in almost all of my previous jobs, it gave me renewed confidence and completely changed things.

I am a much happier, smiley, relaxed person. I feel that I have now become unstuck from the vicious cycle and have the confidence to go forward and make things happen.

The turning point was your personal profile, and this is a tool of major importance for anyone trying to achieve something in life.

Thank you Martin for your help and sharp analysis!


Hi Martin,

I finally got a job and I love it. Your profile helped me immensely and I am now doing what suits me! I'd like to add you to my professional network.

- Rene Lowell

Hi Martin

Thanks for the insights re: building relationships and encouragement for the career changing process.When I'm adding notes I tend to just start writing and find that the insights start to come once I keep at it.

The adding notes tool is really useful as it eliminates having to search in folders on my computer or e-mails or track down bits of paper. Releasing the videos in phases is also a plus as it avoids creating a feeling of "there's so much to do I'll never get through it" and it's manageable once you keep on top of it. The list of videos on the left is also handy to track your progress and see what you've already completed (which is also motivating as you can see how far you've already come).

I'm definitely gaining new insights above and beyond any of the other career change courses I've experienced. Fingers crossed I'll definately make a change in the short term!



Hi Martin,

I would recommend the course to others as I think it is informative and helpful. The analysis of me and my workstyles is spot on.


Hi Martin,

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone as it provides a good grasp and understanding of what is required for obtaining your dream job now, which is so different from what is was years ago.

The knowledge I am gaining is very beneficial and would be invaluable to anyone wishing to do this course.

Thanks and Regards,


And here are some of the 1,800 comments that have been left on the site. Please check out the rest for yourself.

Here's What You Get As A Member

You get over 100 Modules of cutting edge, job hunting advice. The 3 Step System is a membership program. You can join for as long as you like; from a month to a year.

There is a step by step series of videos that hold your hand every step of the way. Naturally we start at Step 1, to make sure you are apply for the right jobs in the first place.

You will then learn insider tricks on how to land job interivews, even for jobs that are never advertised.

And finally you will learn the master skill of converting interviews into job offers.

Depending on your package, new content is released every few days, so you will never feel overwhelmed.

You can make your own notes within the system for future reference.

You also are provided with a Q&A box to ask specific questions and all questions are answered by Martin.

Cancel whenever you like. There is no contract. Some people complete the course very quickly and land a job right away. Others prefer to take their time and have Martin in their corner for longer.

Step 1

  • Discover what you were simply born to do
  • Know what jobs to go for and which to avoid at all costs.
  • Save years of your life, working in the wrong job.
  • The largest collection of personality content about you ever assembled.
  • Secrets of how to find your mojo and what comes naturally to you.


Dozens of videos and loads of personality reports all designed to help you figure out what you should be doing with your career.

No one was ever successful at the wrong job.

Real success can only be achieved when you find the work environment you are in every day, sits comfortably with your very nature.


Step 2

  • Discover the most effective ways to communicate with the real decision makers, when it comes to hiring.
  • How to get the best possible salary, for what you do.
  • How to get headhunted and invited to more interviews, than you know what to do with.

Do you want to know how to land all the job interviews you can handle?

It's no great surprise, that if you go to more interviews, you will get more job offers. Yet most people have no idea how to get interviews, other than through the usual channels. It's also true that many of the jobs you see advertised do not really exist.

And what about the 40% of jobs that are never advertised? Well in Step 2 you will discover how to get job interviews, for the most interesting jobs out there.


Step 3

  • Discover how to control the interview from beginning to end.
  • Overcome interview nerves, fast.
  • Learn exactly what to say, when asked even the toughest questions.
  • How to avoid your danger areas and keep the focus on just your good stuff.
  • How to put yourself head and shoulders above all other candidates.
  • Tricks on interview psychology and how to make it work for you; not against you.

This is where you learn the master skill - how to turn interviews into job offers.

Most people are very bad at job interviews. Understandable as there is a lot of psychology at play and no one has been properly trained.

You need to know how to manage job interviews, if you want to land job offers.

This is where you really set yourself apart from all the other candidates. This is where you put your career on the fast track.

Q&A With Martin

Normally it costs you a fortune to access an experienced career coach.

But sometimes you only need the answer to one or two questions, to turn you career around.

Martin has included a Q&A facility in every module, so if there is something you need to ask, you simply enter your question in the Q&A section and Martin will reply.

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